In the News: Rammellzee

••• “75 Wall St. Owner Eyes Shift from Condo to Rental.” —Crain’s

••• The late artist Rammellzee—who lived in Tribeca for a long time, and then Battery Park City—is having a moment, says the New York Times: “On March 8 the Suzanne Geiss Company, a new gallery in Soho, will open its inaugural show by suspending, as if in flight, two complete sets of works that Rammellzee called ‘letter racers,’ spacecraftlike sculptures representing the letters A to Z [that’s Z pictured at left], built bricolage style from scraps of cast-off consumer goods like flip-flops, sunglasses, toy cars, cheap umbrellas, Bic pens and air-freshener tops. The only other complete set of the racers, made from gold-painted wood and surrealistically situated pieces of Kewpie dolls and plastic dinosaurs, is now installed high along a series of second-floor gallery walls at the Museum of Modern Art in ‘Printin,’’ an eclectic exhibition of print-influenced work that opened Feb. 15.”

••• “A hip-hop Lichtenstein with a Staples ‘Easy’ button, contemporary artist Andre Woolery used thumbtacks to create the mosaics that make up his first solo exhibit, “Bruised Thumbs,” which opened at the Frontrunner Gallery in Tribeca last night. Woolery’s vibrant tribute to black music includes ornate portraits of icons such as Erykah Badu, Jimi Hendrix, Kanye West and Jay-Z.” —Village Voice

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