Coming Up: “Stunt Lab,” Tribeca’s Artist Era, Andy Cohen

MARCH 7–31
“The Jack Hanley Gallery is pleased to present its second solo exhibition by Marie Lorenz. Traveling New York City’s waterways by tidal current in a boat that she designed and built, Lorenz accesses an unusual perspective of a familiar locale. Viewed from the waterline, the metropolis becomes strange, interrupting  our collective and habitual experience of it, and reminding us that we can ‘un-know’ a place by continuing to explore it.The exhibition is made up of three videos projected together with objects found along the harbors.”

MARCH 8–11
At Salomon Arts: “Enjoy a rare glimpse at a surviving Tribeca arts artelier with a visit to a loft exhibit and a short video screening of ‘Tribeca: Looking at the Gentrification from the Artist’s Perspective,’ a documentary in progress that focuses on the evolution of the predominantly artist’s working loft neighborhood. The artist community moved into the neighborhood’s large empty loft spaces that they transformed into live and work studios, making Tribeca more habitable and ultimately desirable for real estate developers. This creative atmosphere is documented in the video piece by Gigi and Rodrigo Salomon, highlighting the ‘pioneer artist’ who came to Tribeca between 1960 and 1980. The event, including a loft exhibit installation co-curated by Frank Gerard Godlewski, a lecture by historian Oliver Allen and a performance art by Ventiko, is presented at the historic Shields/Salomon loft.” 83 Leonard, 4th floor. Thursday, March 8 (4-9 p.m.), March 9−11 (2-6 p.m.); free.

“Stunt Lab” at Canal Park Playhouse: “Visit the wacky laboratory of the cool yo-yo guy (Mark Hayward) and the goofy contortionist (Jonathan Burns) as they seriously scientifically attempt to discover how to be the best at useless skills no one else would or should attempt. A world record will be broken at every show… We hope.” The 9-year-old me would’ve been all over this.

At Mysterious Bookshop: “Thomas Perry, bestselling author of the Butcher Boy series, will stop by to discuss his latest Jane Whitefield novel, Poison Flower.”

Cartoonist Bruce Eric Kaplan (whose wonderful work you’ll recognize from The New Yorker) promotes his children’s book Monsters Eat Whiny Children at Barnes & Noble.

A conversation with designer David Rockwell at 92YTribeca.

A conversation with biographer Robert Caro at 92YTribeca.

Bravo’s Andy Cohen appears at 92YTribeca to promote his book.

JUNE 11–12
Matthew Sweet plays City Winery. Remember when CDs came in cardboard boxes?


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