Photo Safari: Which Way Is North?

If *you* think it’s been a warm winter, imagine how this guy feels. (Spotted by Milo Hess in City Hall Park.)

Speaking of bears: Is this non-mystery in the window of the Mysterious Bookshop a reference to owner Otto Penzler?

I’m going to have to insist that we rename the Fulton Street Transit Center. How about The Nubbin?

Milo Hess saw this garbage can full of dress shirts at one corner of Greenwich and Jay…

…and this garbage can full of pants across the street. “Somebody throwing out a boyfriend?” he asked.

My partner sent this from a trip to Raleigh to visit his family. It’s like a parallel world.

I stopped by Downtown Dance Factory the other day to check out its new studios—it took over a big chunk of the fourth floor of 291 Broadway—and I couldn’t help but admire how DDF gave the handicapped restroom’s sign some pizzazz.

Here’s one of the new dance studios, by the way. I want to curl up and take a nap there right now.



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