In the News: Alleged Hockey-Mom Madam’s Tribeca Connection

Nice ride.

••• “The Upper East Side’s alleged hockey-mom madam could be sprung today. Anna Gristina’s lawyer, Peter Gleason, will offer to put his own Tribeca loft up as collateral to free the mom of four—who is charged with running a multimillion-dollar prostitution ring—on $2 million bond, The Post has learned. […] It is extremely unusual, but not unethical, for a lawyer to post bail for his client. Gleason will even allow Gristina, 44, her four kids and her third husband, Kelvin, to stay at his North Moore Street condo if the judge doesn’t want her to leave the Big Apple, according to the affidavit to be filed today.” (That’s the lawyer pictured; the photo is from the Post, which didn’t credit it.)

••• “The sale of a penthouse apartment at 429 Greenwich Street in Tribeca for $15 million pushed the upper limits of what is possible in that neighborhood.” See below. “A person familiar with the transaction said the buyer was a ‘celebrity client’ attracted not only by the lap pool on the private terrace but also by a garage that allows for clandestine arrivals and departures.” —New York Times

••• One York is included in a New York Times article—which really should’ve been a chart—about the value of a prominent architect’s design. “When [Enrique] Norten’s One York Street in Tribeca came to market in mid-2008, several units sold for close to their asking prices. But after the financial crisis, sales slowed and asking prices dropped by as much as 24 percent. Even then, however, many apartments sold at discounts of about 10 percent. Several apartments have been resold since 2008, each for less than the original purchase price. Mr. Norten nonetheless sees One York as ‘a huge success,’ noting that the penthouse sold for $23.7 million, or nearly $3,900 per square foot, an extraordinary figure for a building off Canal Street. Two-bedrooms in the building have sold for $1.8 million to $4.7 million.

••• New York Magazine looks at the lawsuit filed against New York Law School (among others) for allegedly inflating job-placement rates.

••• Meet Francesca Coraggio, the new manager of the Battery Park City Library. —Broadsheet


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