In the News: One World Trade Center

An odl photo of 1WTC (guess I'm getting used to it... I haven't taken a photo of it since August)

••• 1WTC might not look that impressive from Brooklyn. —Gothamist

••• “The steel skeleton of One World Trade Center reached 100 stories this week, according to the Port Authority, with beams on the tower now soaring about 1,240 feet above the ground. But just last week, the tower had only reached 93 stories. What gives? Floors 94 through 99 simply don’t exist in the tower, allowing for the seamless jump from 93 to 100. (The tower at Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan will ultimately reach 104 stories.)” There’s more of an explanation. —Wall Street Journal

••• “Minty 45 Walker loft sells under $1000/ft with no discernible big loft premium.” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• Asphalt Green Battery Park City’s summer camp programs are supposed to start June 28, so maybe it’ll be open by then. —Downtown Express


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