In the News: MaryAnn’s Lawsuit

••• “A Manhattan chef pocketed $1.6 million after restaurateur Edward Globokar turned his Tribeca Mexican eatery into a makeshift house of worship where he prayed for God to heal gay workers. Jurors awarded lesbian chef Mirella Salemi the fat payout in her battle against the former owner of Mary Ann’s on West Broadway for making her life hell by holding employee prayer meetings inside the restaurant where she worked for six years. […] The Manhattan jury ordered the holy-roller restaurant big and Mary Ann’s to fork over $1.2 million in punitive damages and $400,000 in compensatory damages to Salemi, who quit in 2007.” —New York Post

••• Another low-slung building bites the dust: “Steven Schnall, the man who built a 10,000-square-foot swimming pool-equipped mansion for his family at North Moore Street and West Broadway, is ready to build again. Having sold the palatial digs for a tidy profit less than two years after moving in, Schnall purchased 11-15 Leonard Street, one of the few remaining development sites in Tribeca. This time, he plans to put up a seven-story building topped with a two-story penthouse. In an interview with the Trib, Schnall said he will move his family of four into the 6,000-square-foot “mais­onette” that will occupy the first two floors.” Guess I was right that something was up.

••• “Nearly 10 years ago, [Lenny Charles Labanco] started an organization called International News Net World Report, which from that room produced hundreds of 30-minute programs, which were broadcast on satellite television. The programs never made much money, but survived in large part because the building where they were made, at 56 Walker Street in Tribeca, was owned by a supporter who charged minimal rent for the use of the studio and the lower floors where Mr. Labanco and others organized readings, panel discussions and fund-raisers, often for left-leaning causes. Now, though, Mr. Labanco has suspended the programs, and the future of the Walker Street building is in doubt. A loan agreement signed in 2007 by the building’s owner, Guy Morris, resulted in foreclosure proceedings, and the entity that owns the building, 56 Walker Street L.L.C., has declared bankruptcy.” —New York Times

••• “It’s been nearly two years since hip hop mogul Damon Dash lost his duplex at Tribeca’s Atalanta to foreclosure. Platinum Capital’s Edward Farrell spent $5.5 million on the apartment in a July 2010 foreclosure auction and decided to flip a few months later. Unfortunately, no buyer obliged, so he took the place off the market without a buyer until last fall, when he made another attempt to sell at a higher price of $8.25 million. A tipster points out that the apartment has just gone into contract.” —Curbed


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