In the News: Stealing Super Sentenced

••• A kindergarten class at P.S. 150 is on Twitter: “First, Ms. Aaron signs into Twitter—her handle is @JensClass, but the account is private—and closes all the windows suggesting people her pupils might follow, people who are sometimes not appropriate for kindergartners (like strangers named Coco) or are difficult to explain (like Ryan Seacrest).” —The New York Times

••• “As Lower Manhattan soars upward in glass and steel, Tribeca resident and Community Board member Allan Tannenbaum is celebrating the paperback release of his book, New York in the 70s.
‘New York City has changed so much! This will bring readers back to a bygone era when the City was broke but you didn’t need a lot of money to do things. It was very exciting and very creative,’ he said.” —The Broadsheet

••• “A Tribeca superintendant was sentenced to three to nine years in prison for stealing from residents of his building at 427 Washington Street. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance announced the sentencing today of Mihaly Kovacsezics, a 62-year-old superintendent who pleaded guilty to three counts of grand larceny. Kovaczevics was charged with stealing $13,365 worth of paintings from one resident and $23,380 worth of jewelry from another resident, when he was entrusted to supervise a delivery to the latter’s apartment. In a seperate [sic] incident, he also agreed to sell 13 pieces of jewelry for a business associate, not affiliated with the building, only to cut off contact with the associate and keep the jewelry.” —The Real Deal (with much more background in this old Observer article)

••• “The young musicians at P.S. 150 can now sing as loudly as they want to — thanks to a sunny new music room with insulated doors that opened Monday.” There’s video of the kids singing, if you’re into that. —DNAinfo


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