Move Over, Brushstroke

Courtesy Masa

Move over, Brushstroke, Rosanjin, Sushi Azabu, and Nobu (and the upcoming Sushi of Gari): Tribeca is getting another destination Japanese restaurant. After hearing a rumor that Masa—chef Masa Takayama’s $450-prix-fixe-sushi-temple in the Time Warner mall—is opening in Tribeca, I called and asked. I was told that it’s true, but I couldn’t get an exact location; they’re aiming for November. I asked if it would be a Masa/Bar Masa arrangement (Bar Masa is à la carte), and the answer was no, that it’d be “something completely different,” and called Tetsu (which means “iron” and is also a first name).

Obviously, if you know where then you should really be emailing me at instead of reading these last few words.

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