Photo Safari: Feeling Sheepish

You know what would be helpful for foreign tourists? Using only English on your signs. Even better, choose a word no native speaker would ever actually say!

That's better, although those quotation marks make it feel like someone is trying to sell you something....

One gnome's planter is another gnome's garden.

I had never been up to Jimmy, the rooftop bar of the James Hotel, so I stopped by last weekend. What a view! I wished I had brought my real camera. Anyway, the scene is sort of annoying (too many people, loud music, etc.) but it's worth going up just to gawp at the view. No one will make you stay for a drink.

I could've stayed there all night.

This is how the very rare zelion gets created.

The *inside* of a garage (on Vestry).

Kudos to New York Design Architects for doing a little old-fashioned sign-painting.

The cute-o-meter just broke.


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