Tribeca Designer to Open W. Broadway Shop

“I’ve always wanted this space,” says fashion designer—and Tribeca Citizen reader!—Robin Brouillette while standing in front of 138 W. Broadway, where Stella used to be. (That’s not her pictured above, though it is one of her designs.) “I used to sit on the bench at Edward’s and think about it.” Dreams come true: Brouillette will open a boutique there in the fall, and she’s moving her headquarters from Franklin Street to the floor above the shop. If you’ve never seen her designs—she’s best known for her gorgeous dresses, but the boutique will also feature tops, jackets, and more—here are some from her latest collection, and there are more on her blog.

P.S. Her name is pronounced “Broo-yett” in the French fashion or “Broo-lett” in the American fashion.

P.P.S. The top photo is by Gabriel Everett; the others are by Matthew Dean Suroff.


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