Seen & Heard: Hula Hoopers on Hudson

••• I remember how bummed I was when I realized I had lost the ability (and/or body type) to Hula Hoop—and Torly Kid’s video brings it all back.

••• Left: Another peek at Jean, the café/wine bar coming to W. Broadway between Warren and Murray, courtesy @MMDevoe.

••• An update from the Lilac Preservation Project: “The barque Picton Castle of Lunenberg, Nova Scotia is arriving at Pier 25 today and will visit through the weekend.  She will moor at the outermost berth on the north side of the pier. Arrival time is approximately 10 a.m.  I’m sorry about the late notice, but I wasn’t able to confirm her arrival until yesterday. Also, the Waterfront Museum on the barge Lehigh Valley #79 will be leaving Pier 25 today about 2 p.m. after 10 days of public events. The tug Pegasus will tow her back to Red Hook, Brooklyn and then return to her new home at Pier 25.”

••• There will be a free opera performance in Washington Market Park, sponsored by Downtown Symphony, Sunday at 3 p.m.

••• There’s a Burger King on Canal, near Broadway. You can tell how enthusiastic I am about this by the fact that I wouldn’t cross the street to take a photo. Anyway, I think it’s new.


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