Seen & Heard: Lowrider

••• Curren$y—who once rapped about the lemonade at Bubby’s—gets interviewed at the restaurant, which according to the clip’s description, “happens to be his favorite place to eat when he’s stoned.” Here’s a fun game: Count the expletives.

••• I’d like to direct you attention to Orinocco Vaginelli’s amusing and enlightening recap of the CB1 Financial District Committee, in the comments on this post.

••• Press release: “LentSpace in Hudson Square, a vacant lot temporary community amenity, will re-open during lunchtimes this summer. […] Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, LentSpace offers performances with leading New York artists and performers, while the New York Food Truck Association provides vendors.” Leading, huh?

••• Tomorrow (Friday) night outside Hionas Gallery, artist Karlos Cárcamo “will present the site-specific intervention Parked in an Exaggerated Mannera 1983 Oldsmobile Cutluss Supreme that will literally transform Franklin Street into a spectacle of sight and sound.” I ran into Peter Anthony this morning, and he said the car is a lowrider.

••• Wicki Boyle sent in this photo: “The State Department brought women from across Africa to see the Just Shea products at Cristina Dos Santos‘s store—to see what small-biz women are up to in the USA with Africa products.”

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