Photo Safari!

“Tribecahenge or Eye of Sauron?” said Andrea, who took this.

I hope Toni Morrison has a sense of humor.

You know what’s a bright idea? Turning 3WTC into a religious symbol by spray-painting “Jesus is king” on the side of it. Come on, Port Authority, get it fixed.

And while you’re at it….

You obviously haven’t met my dog.

A great photo by Milo Hess: “I was lucky to be shooting the OpSail Parade of Ships from the deck of the retired NYFD fireboat John. J. Harvey, which was leading the parade and saluting the tall ships/naval ships with its water cannons up going up the Hudson.”

Like crab cakes?

Terrific street art on Cortlandt Alley. A parked car behind me stopped me from getting the whole thing.

Don’t mind me…. Just trying out some new logo treatments….


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