In the News: Is Asphalt Green Dead for the Year?

••• A local “news source”—its name redacted at its request—accused the Broadsheet of being in the pocket of the Battery Park City Authority. It also posits that Asphalt Green is stalled because BPCA leadership wants to amend the contract, and says that Asphalt Green will probably not open before year’s end.

••• About the stalled plot at 99 Church (now being called 30 Park Place, evidently), Kelly Kennedy Mack of the Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group tells the New York Times that “Right now they’re actively working on securing their financing. My best guess is that it will probably come to market in about 18 months—within two years.” That’s the one where a Four Seasons hotel is supposed to be.

••• “The Blue School is one big play date in desperate need of adult supervision. Parents are yanking their kids out of the ‘progressive,’ $32,000 per-year private school founded by the Blue Man Group—which has no books and no tests—because their kids are barely learning to read.” —New York Post

••• The New York Times catalogs the ways that One World Trade Center’s base has changed from the original design.

••• “On May 31″—two weeks ago?—”many of the people who built Battery Park City during the course of four decades gathered in the World Financial Center to share memories, insights, and visions for its future.” —Broadsheet

••• “Dog owners say the Parks Department is not cleaning the South Street dog run frequently enough.” —DNAinfo

••• Two interesting points from Downtown Express‘s chat with Battery Conservancy’s Warrie Price: The one-acre Battery Urban farm “costs $150,000 a year for labor and materials.” And the Frank Gehry playground coming one day to the park, says Price, “will have 14-foot and 15-foot slides, but our slides will be six feet wide, so the whole family can go down at once!” Does that include the nanny?


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