Introducing Clara’s, Your New Fitnesswear Source

While looking for new workout clothes one afternoon, Pilates guru Alycea Ungaro was surprised to realize that Tribeca has far more places to exercise than places to buy fitness apparel. “We used to have a limited selection of items for people who forgot their clothes,” she says of her Real Pilates studio on Duane. “We thought, Hey, let’s carry all the stuff we want to buy but can’t get in one place.” She and her team have converted a 15-foot-high, 100-foot-long ground-floor wall into a boutique called Clara’s, after Joe Pilates’s wife. “Clara was herself a wonderful teacher but took a supporting role to her husband. Fitnesswear should do the same thing—support your performance in the best possible way.”

Brands include Coobie (whose one-size-fits-most bras are a bestseller), Pure Karma, Nux, Rese, Beyond Yoga, Alternative Apparel, Lolë, and many other rotating ones, and the clothing isn’t just for Pilates—or even just for exercise. “With 20 teachers on staff, it’s true we needed some variety,” says Alycea. “Recommendations are welcome, and we order special items all the time.”

Deal: Mention the Tribeca Citizen and get 15% off any retail item (excluding sale items) in the month of June.

Clara’s is inside Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates, 177 Duane (between Greenwich and Staple), 212-625-0777;

Sponsored by Clara’s.


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