In the News: Stagnant Wading Pool

••• “Clogged drains in the water play area at Tribeca’s Pier 25 have created a stagnant wading pool—alarming health-conscious parents who fear their children are splashing in dirty waters.” It’s probably good for their immune systems. —DNAinfo (photo by Julie Shapiro)

••• “We hear that [Horizon Media founder Bill] Koenigsberg […] is the buyer of a stunning penthouse duplex at 429 Greenwich St. An attorney for Koenigsberg denied that his client purchased the home, but a source close to the deal says that Koenisberg bought the five-bedroom, 5 1/2-bathroom condo in Tribeca’s Dietz Lantern building for $15 million. That’s way down from its $22 million asking price.” —New York Post

••• “Tribeca Homeless Shelter Begins $9 Million Expansion to Double in Size.” —DNAinfo

••• “The now shuttered nightclubs Greenhouse and W.I.P. had been cooperating with the NYPD and law enforcement for over a year. It seems that the clubs had entered into a 14 point agreement with the NYPD in March 2011 that required that the club give the NYPD the names, addresses and photos of everyone who came inside. This information was collected using the ID scanners that clubs use to verify patrons age prior to entry, and was to be kept for one month and provided to the NYPD upon request.” Anyone smell a class-action suit? —Eater

••• “Four days of watery whoop-de-do commence on Thursday evening when the Fourth Annual North River Historic Ship Festival returns to the Hudson River Park, at Pier 25.” —Broadsheet

••• A Battery Park City resident is concerned about the bike-share locations. —Broadsheet


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