In the News: Warren Street Feature

By Parker Eshelman for the Wall Street Journal

••• The Wall Street Journal gets excited about the new developments on Warren Street. No news, though. And what it doesn’t say is that Warren has at least one more rough year of handling the diverted Chambers Street traffic.

••• DNAinfo welcomes R&R Coffee to FiDi: “The small cafe at 76 Fulton […] focuses on fresh, seasonal Intelligentsia Coffee beans, which are ground and brewed to order. […] The 18-seat coffee shop will also offer croissants and pastries from Ceci-Cela Patisserie, and within the next few weeks the menu will expand to include sandwiches and salads as well.”

••• “She’s Rachel Filsoof to her neighbors in Battery Park City’s south neighborhood, but Rachel Lorin to legions of fans on the Oxygen Network’s reality show, ‘The Next Big Thing.’ The 17-year-old rising star (whose middle name becomes her last name for show business purposes) also has a new album, Famous, coming out next month and will soon leave for a multi-city tour of the East Coast.” —Broadsheet


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