New Franklin Street Store

Who says New Yorkers don’t look up? Reader A. sent me this photo of 106 Franklin, where Bu & the Duck was the most recent occupant. I sent an email to the PR contact for the Gryson label, but I haven’t heard back (and I sent it Saturday morning).

Here’s info about Joy Gryson from the “about” page: “Joy Gryson started her career working for industry powerhouses such as Liz Claiborne, Coach, Calvin Klein, and eventually landed at Marc Jacobs, where she rose through the ranks to the title of Director of Design and Development for Marc Jacobs Handbags and Accessories. […] In 2006 Joy went out on her own and launched the Gryson brand of luxury accessories. The Gryson brand has garnered much attention in a short period of time, from collaborating with major retailer Target for a limited time only guest designer program to being nominated for the CFDA accessories designer of the year award for emerging talent. […] Joy is also a partner in Tribeca Design LTD., a design consultancy firm. Tribeca Design LTD. has designed and developed and produced some of the most high profile, recognizable brand names in the world. […] Joy is a long time resident of downtown New York. She was born in Korea and came to the U.S. when she was three years old, and has been a New Yorker ever since.”

The name “By Joy Gryson” implies that perhaps the store will include the Gryson brand, her younger line, Olivia Harris, inspired by and named after her daughter (indeed, the website says “Tribeca Fall 2012″—although it also shows no products in the line…? So maybe it’s new? Wait, the  Gryson page shows no products either. Sounds like a website problem…) and her new line, iiiBeca (which was recently in these pages; that’s the N. Moore satchel, left). According to Refinery29, Gryson lives in Tribeca.

I’m sure we’ll get some clarification soon.


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