Recent Real Estate Sales in Tribeca

Courtesy of the folks at StreetEasy, here’s the Tribeca sales report for the past two weeks. These are the properties whose sales were “recorded” by the city in the past 14 days—the sales may have taken place earlier. (The overviews show 19 properties, but a few were repeated.) A few notes: The penthouse at 33 Vestry went for $13.7 million; the 65 N. Moore apartment was Katy Perry’s; the space that was Theater Bar (114 Franklin) has changed hands; some guesses about 443 Greenwich are here; and 257 Church is that long-closed storefront at the southeast corner of Franklin and Church. And if anyone can tell me what happened at 186 Franklin, please do.

Here they are, property by property; click to enlarge. Maybe someday you’ll be able to click through to StreetEasy for more info….


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