In the News: Atera’s Cocktail Bar

••• “New Bagel Shop [on Fulton] Won’t Be H&H Redux.” —Wall Street Journal

••• “New Yorkers with connections are increasingly asking each other this question: Have you taken a tour of One World Trade?” By the way, does anyone know why it is (was?) being lit red? —Wall Street Journal

••• “Nielsen is nearing a deal to move to the former Goldman Sachs headquarters building near the NYSE in what would be the latest shift by a major media company to the Financial District.” —Wall Street Journal

••• “Eagle-eyed Sgt. Raymond Sanchez, Officer Carmelo Rivera and Officer Joseph Marcello were patrolling the Brooklyn Bridge subway platform when they spotted two men walking in and out of subway cars at about 6:25 a.m. They then watched Antonio Fulton, 23, approach a sleeping passenger, tapping him several times, while Kevin Alexander, 50, acted as a lookout, cops said. Fulton then grabbed the sleeper’s iPhone and tried to run, but the cops took the two into custody.” —New York Post

••• “Chef Matthew Lightner and the Atera team are taking their sweet-tart time to unveil the bar beneath their seventeen-seat chef’s counter, but we hear it’s a pretty sure thing for fall [….] The working title is still the Office [….] It’s up in the air whether this one will be open to the general public or just to Atera patrons.” Related: Someone’s pants are on fire. The photo below is from when I ate at Atera; I think it’s sorrel juice. —Grub Street


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