All Good Things Preview #2: Blue Marble Ice Cream

All Good Things, the European-style food marketplace, opens at 102 Franklin on Saturday, Sept. 1. As a preview, let’s meet the vendors. First up, was Dickson’s Farmstand Meats. Now it’s time for a visit to Blue Marble Ice Cream’s shop in Cobble Hill.

Name: Blue Marble Ice Cream.

Co-proprietoresses: Alexis Miesen (right) and Jennie Dundas.

A brief history of Blue Marble: “We started in 2007 with a store on Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill. Neither of us had food or business experience: Jennie was an actor, I was in international development. But there was no good ice cream here—this was pre-Brooklyn food movement—which struck us as strange. So we enlisted the help of a third-generation dairy farmer and ice cream maker. People went crazy for it! Maybe six months later, we opened a second location, in Prospect Heights. Then, in February of 2010, we opened in Cobble Hill. (The Atlantic Ave. store was sort of half closed and half moved.) We’re at several outdoor venues—Brooklyn Flea, Smorgasburg, Summerstage, Governors Island, Brooklyn Bridge Park—and we have a wholesale division selling to retailers, restaurants and hotels. We also sell soft-serve mix, and we’ll be the official ice cream supplier to Barclays Arena. Last but not least, in 2010, we partnered with a group of women in Rwanda to open the country’s first ever ice cream shop.”

What makes Blue Marble stand out: “Blue Marble is the only certified organic ice cream in New York City. Lots of companies say they use organic sugar or whatever, but unless they’re certified, it doesn’t mean anything. (Our plant in Sunset Park also had to be certified.) Food & Wine named us to its list of the best ice cream in the U.S.—we were the only one in New York City. We steer clear of gimmicky stuff (candy bars, cookies, mix-ins, etc.), but we’re also not selling Earl Grey-hyacinth-peppercorn-rose water ice cream; we’re family-friendly. We make the old nostalgic ice cream of the past—but better than ever.”

What we can expect at All Good Things: “We’ll have 16 flavors of hard ice cream and one flavor of soft serve (although maybe not on day one). We’ll have ice cream cakes, ice cream cupcakes, and ice cream sandwiches. You’ll be able to buy packaged pints or handpacked ice cream. We’ll be making milkshakes and sundaes, but we’re not sure yet whether we’ll be doing ice cream sodas and egg cream. And we’ll have toppings such as fleur de sel, aged balsamic vinegar, Nunu‘s hot fudge, and homemade whipped cream.”


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