In the News: A Big New Neighbor for the Gehry Building

••• Joy Gryson’s sample sale is next week. —Time Out New York

••• The Gehry building is going to have company: A 30-ish-story Pace dorm is planned for 33 Beekman—that’s across the street from New York by Gehry (and that’s around the corner from a 30-ish-story building going up on Nassau). —Commercial Observer

••• “A 70-year-old man was killed after a New York Stock Exchange security truck jumped the curb on Broad Street and slammed into him.” —DNAinfo

••• “The ground floor windows of the Woolworth Building as well as the scaffolding rising above them were cloaked earlier this week with black-and-white photos of famous athletes, officials and others who have been honored by the ticker-tape parades in the Financial District over the decades.” Yeah, I saw it. Made me realize how devalued the word “hero” has become. Mary Lou Retton? —Crain’s

••• “This fall Tracy Anderson will launch Detox Weeks at her flagship Tribeca studio. […] She’s on a mission to educate more broadly, giving daily lectures about her method, the mind-body connection, and hormonal mapping” —Well + Good

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