About the Restaurant Coming to the Matsugen Space….

As you know if you’ve been paying attention, the September agenda for the CB1 Tribeca Committee includes this item: “66 Leonard Street, application for restaurant liquor license for Global Point NY d/b/a TBD.” And as I mentioned in that post, 66 Leonard is the old Matsugen (and before that, 66) space, and Global Point NY is a “creative agency specializing in brand strategy, graphic design, digital, social and mobile campaigns”—so I wasn’t entirely sure it was the right Global Point NY. Well, it is.

Global Point’s lovely Diane Cheadle said that the company is indeed involved with ten restaurants worldwide, including Barbaresco and 22-13 in St. Petersburg, Russia. (I’m still a bit confused by the difference between doing the branding/identity for a restaurant and actually opening one, but we’re get there in good time….) “We’re looking to bring one of the concepts here to New York,” she said. The details haven’t been settled yet, but she did say that they’re looking at four design firms—one was AvroKo, and I’m afraid I don’t recall the others—so it sounds like Richard Meier’s sleek, love-it-or-hate-it interior is headed for a redo.

There will be a coffee shop component—opening at 7 a.m.—and a restaurant and bar, “but the bar will be more for accommodating people waiting for tables.” We’ll probably learn more at next week’s meeting of the CB1 Tribeca Committee.


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