In the News: Josh Brolin Is on the Loose

••• “Fr. Kevin Madigan, who served for 13 years as the pastor of both St. Peter’s Church (on Barclay Street) and St. Joseph’s Chapel (in Battery Park City), and who shepherded Downtown Catholics through the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, has left Lower Manhattan. […] He has been transferred to St. Thomas Moore Church (on East 89 Street) as part of a policy under which the Archdiocese of New York rotates pastors among parishes every 12 years.” —Broadsheet

••• Manhattan Loft Guy looks at the three loft sales (so far) at 307 W. Broadway in 2012.

••• The New York Post says Katie Holmes has an apartment in Tribeca, which I hadn’t heard before (although I wasn’t really listening…). The article is about Suri and her new school (Avenues in Chelsea).

••• Josh Brolin, “husband of Diane Lane (and stepson of Barbra Streisand), has been spotted lingering in Tribeca hideaways, arriving alone and frolicking with the tony fashion crowd well past the witching hour. ‘He came straight up and started pulling my ponytail until I turned around so he could introduce himself,’ laughs a statuesque blonde who encountered him at Smith + Mills. ‘He did it to my friend too. It kind of felt like high school!’ [Um, shouldn’t you have smacked him?] Brolin later invited the entire bar outside for a cigarette. It was pouring and cold, but many stylish sippers joined him—until a neighbor with a baby asked everyone to quiet down. ‘This is so Tribeca,’ Brolin was heard moaning as he led the party back inside the lounge.” —New York Post

••• Russell Simmons is trying to sell his apartment at 114 Liberty. —Curbed

••• Gateway Plaza is facing “a lawsuit by a tenant who claims its did nothing to stop his neighbor’s ‘baseless’ complaints about his dog.” —DNAinfo

••• Howard Hughes Corp.’s revamped Pier 17 “still has to go through the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure. The process will begin in the coming weeks, once the City Planning Commission certifies the plan and sends it on to C.B. 1 for comment and review. The board will have 60 days to examine the plan, after which Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer will have 30 days to review it. It will then go to the City Planning Commission for another 60 days before being handed over to the City Council.” —Downtown Express

••• Eater places Marc Forgione‘s chili lobster dish in its hall of fame. There’s video.

••• This is only sort of Tribeca-y, but novelist Zadie Smith interviewed Jay-Z for the New York Times Magazine. (“Asking why rappers always talk about their stuff is like asking why Milton is forever listing the attributes of heavenly armies. Because boasting is a formal condition of the epic form.”) I scanned it for Tribeca references, and I only saw this one; it’s the kicker, if that’s the right word. “At the last minute, I remembered to ask after his family, ‘Oh, my family’s amazing.’ And the baby? ‘She’s four months.’ Marcy raised me, and whether right or wrong/Streets gave me all I write in the song. But what will Tribeca give Blue? ‘I actually thought about that more before she was born. Once she got here I’ve been in shock until maybe last week?’ Her childhood won’t be like his, and this fact he takes in his stride. ‘We would fight each other. My brother would beat me up,’ he says, but it was all in preparation for the outside. ‘I was going to have to fight, I was going to have to go through some things, and they were preparing me.’ He smiles: ‘She doesn’t have to be tough. She has to love herself, she has to know who she is, she has to be respectful, and be a moral person.’ It’s a new day.”


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