Seen & Heard: What’s Coming to the River Lofts Retail Space

••• 137 Franklin has a pretty prominent structure (bulkhead?) on the roof. The rendering at right implies that it will be painted to blend in with the wall behind it….

••• Anne Marie Bennick of the Live Well Company on Church commented on my recent-ish Nosy Neighbor post about River Lofts—you may recall that I sensed that something was finally happening to the ground-floor retail space: “You are right about that ‘tingly feeling!’ Part of the commercial space in the River Lofts building will be the new home of the newly expanded Live Well Company Gym—a boutique functional fitness personal training gym with a membership option, for those that crave an intimate, private, and comfortable gym experience. After nine years of serving the Tribeca community we are super excited for this next step!” Very exciting! Waiting to hear which part ofthe space, how much square footage, and when it might open.

••• Duran Duran bassist John Taylor will be at 92YTribeca on Oct. 16 to discuss his new book, The Pleasure Groove: Love, Death, and Duran Duran.

••• OMG is closing on Broadway this week. Fear not! There are like 18 more within walking distance.

••• At Space on White through Oct. 11: “The project titled ‘‘ is an architectural / performance installation that explores the interaction between the body and the environment through the effects of magnetism and movement. A spider like web of metal and elastic elements suspended in the space is reconfigured by dancers with magnets embedded in their costumes interacting through choreographed movements. […]  There are free performances every Thursday at 7 p.m.”

••• Collect Pond Park is coming along…. Not convinced about the stripes, though.


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