Seen & Heard: Seaport Update

••• The annual Holiday Record + CD Sale at the Archive of Contemporary Music will be Dec. 8–16.

••• In celebration of Sweaty Saturday, Barry’s Bootcamp is selling packs of five classes (valid at the new Tribeca location only) for 20% off, or $135. The deal ends Saturday. Tell ’em who sent you.

••• From the LMCCC: “A new seven-story hotel is being erected at 154 Madison Street, at the southwest corner of Pike Street, near the Manhattan Bridge overpass.” It’ll have 42 rooms. I’ll have to add it to the Hotel Boom map.

•• Update: The phone at Sunny One Chinese restaurant on Chambers now works, and there’s an outgoing message saying that the restaurant is only temporarily closed (through Sunday) due to a water main break.

••• I guess I hadn’t walked over to the Seaport lately, because when I took Howard there yesterday, I noticed a bunch of stuff. First, a gallery called Artion is opening at 275 Water Street.

Second, Table Tales has a (new?) sign saying that it’s opening this fall in its new location on Front Street—and it’ll be known as Sunday Gravy. Maybe this was always the plan, but I don’t think I knew it.

Third, Pepper Pastor Salon on Front Street closed.


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