In the News: Izzy & Nat’s Is Closed

This is a combo In the News/Seen & Heard because I don’t have enough items for either type of post.

••• Artion Galleries, the new gallery in the Seaport, is open.

••• Battery Park City deli Izzy & Nat’s has closed for a renovation. The reader who pointed out it was closed reported that “The waitress said they were turning it into a takeout because a Pick A Bagel was coming in across the street.” UPDATE: @honeyberk tweeted that a Pick A Bagel sign is in the window of what was Izzy & Nat’s.

••• “A Manhattan couple who rented out their three-bedroom luxury condo claims it was trashed by tenants whose method of decorating included painting everything in sight and leaving holes in all the walls. […] They had slapped “dark saturated colors” across the walls of each room, extending the paint job to the doors, vents, built-in speakers, sprinklers, light fixtures, mirror and window frames and outlet covers. The tenants added ‘three-dimensional stripes’ to a living room wall, left holes in the walls from hundreds of pictures, and about $150,000 worth of additional damage.” The kicker? The tenants ended up moving to the apartment next door.New York Post

••• An update on this morning’s pro-Asphalt Green meeting, from the organizers: “We are very pleased with the turnout this morning. People came out because they are frustrated and they want answers. […] We kept it positive and informative and we have planted the seeds. The petition started in July is growing now and we will be at the CB1 and BPCA meetings on Tuesday. Here’s the Community Info & Action Sheet we handed out.”


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