Asphalt Green Could Open by December 1

That’s the news from @BPCAsphaltRally—the Twitter account of the folks behind the pro-AG meeting this past weekend—which just tweeted this (from this morning’s BPCA meeting): “BPCA Chairman Dennis Mehiel is targeting Dec. 1, 2012 as the opening day for Asphalt Green. Negotiation complete & needs ratification.” More as it develops….

Pro-AG organizer Jamie Propp just sent this report on the meeting: “At today’s BPCA Board Meeting, the new BPCA Chairman, Dennis Mehiel, announced that he has renegotiated the contract with Asphalt Green. He publicly praised their leadership and integrity and said that they are a stand up organization that has much to offer this community. BPCA & AG need to memorialize the new terms, in an addendum to the original contract, which the BPCA board will each individually be able to comment on to the Chairman (they will not hold a meeting to ratify due to governance rules) and they are targeting a Dec. 1 opening date for AG. Board member Fernando Mateo had to interrupt Mehiel’s grand slam and ask that each member have 24 hours to review the addendum and comment on it. This led to a conversation about whether the Board would reconvene to review the addendum. This would require public notice and it would have delayed the whole process. Our collective hearts sunk when this guy stuck his nose in there, which leads me to say ‘it’s not open until it is open,’ but I do feel more hopeful than ever. The issue of the use of the BPC Ball Fields is being settled by having the Battery Park Conservancy, who is responsible for managing the field, issue 3-year permits to the leagues that use the fields and provide an invaluable service to the children in our Downtown community. AG will have shared use of the fields for their summer camp, so families have something to rejoice over! More good news: there will be a discount membership for BPC residents, as our tax dollars help pay for the center. Following the story on our FB page:”


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