In the News: Parking Garage Tragedy

There’s too much Tribeca-related storm news to possibly boil down here, but here are a few that you may have missed.

••• Heartbreaking: “One victim in New York was a parking garage worker at 92 Laight St. in Tribeca. The middle-aged man drowned after he became trapped in the building’s basement by flash flooding, the New York Daily News reports. Police have not yet released his name, but according to one witness, the man was stuck along with another attendant who managed to escape the rapidly rising waters.” —Huffington Post, which naturally made the headline be about how that’s Meryl Streep’s apartment building

••• Also: “a 55-year-old man whose body was discovered inside 90 Broad at 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday. The man’s body had been swept down the street by flood waters and and into the commercial building.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “James Bertouch [right] and his wife Sally, 31, have lived in New York’s Tribeca area for three years. Pregnant with their first child Sally went into labour on the same day that Superstorm Sandy hit the United States.”—I think that’s the name and the URL—then summarized the article so you don’t have to read any more of it: “Aussie mum goes into labour as superstorm hits. Doctors forced to do an epidural by torchlight. Couple evacuate hospital in the middle of labour. Baby Sophie Deborah born 10.30am, New York time.” Photo courtesy James Bertouch.

••• Why Lower Manhattan is a good/bad place for data centers. —Wired

••• “We had to move out of our River Lofts in Tribeca, since we were in Zone A. We were thinking about going to the Hamptons, but we got in the cars and found out the storm was heading there. So we made a decision to turn back and stay with my dad on the Upper East Side. We’re having a staycation.” —Jason Binn, in a New York Observer article about how prominent New Yorkers rode out the storm

••• “Katie Holmes and Suri had a scary moment when they were seated at dinner next to Halloween revelers dressed as them wearing ‘Free Katie’ and ‘Save Suri’ T-shirts, along with a man in costume as Tom Cruise. Spies said Katie and her daughter were having a quiet dinner at Mr. Chow Tribeca on Saturday, when a group of friends dressed up for Halloween were seated at the table next to them. Two of the group were dressed as Katie and Suri […] and the other was a young Tom Cruise from ‘Top Gun.'” She should’ve posed for photos. —New York Post

••• A recap of last weekend’s Washington Market Park Halloween parade. —Tribeca Trib

••• “Eater co-founder Lockhart Steele lives on Peck Slip in the South Street Seaport neighborhood, the heart of Zone A and recipient of Hurricane Sandy’s salty welcome. Herewith, the state of the neighborhood eating and drinking scene.”

••• In an interesting bit of counterprogramming, the New York Times reviews the new Trinity Place department store: “The stock of Trinity Place is unpredictable and often, to my happy surprise, quite charming. Who could resist $90 totes with trompe l’oeil renderings of the Chanel, Balenciaga and Hermès It-bag hits of the gaudy Aughts? Or a cozy oversize sweater printed with dice?”

••• “Zelda, the Wild Turkey of Battery Park, Survived the Storm.” It’s the aftermath she should fear…. —Gothamist

••• This is from before Sandy: “PUN, or Pop Up Nightlife is a new temporary club which opened over the weekend in the Financial District. The exact address is not publicly listed on the club’s Facebook page, although a source told NYNightlife the location is on the corner of Stone Street and Broad Street, right next to Demi Monde (90 Broad St). A rep for PUN tells NYNightlife the club will have Afrika Bambaataa performing on Halloween. Afterward, PUN will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights until January 1st. Thursday nights will be hip hop night, Friday nights have a Studio 54 ‘2013 Style’ theme, and Saturday night will have a CBGB’s theme.” —

••• A report on the Municipal Arts Society’s walking tour of Tribeca. —Untapped New York

••• “How the pros do it: 497 Greenwich Street loft was bought low, sold high” (on the sale of the apartment owned by brokers Raphael and Claudine De Niro) —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• “At Ward III in TriBeCa, co-owner Michael J. Neff posted on Tuesday night ‘Most requested cocktail of the night: The Sandy,” a combination of rye, bourbon and Byrrh (a French aperitif) (recipe below), which he described as ‘strong, with oddly little power.’ […]

The Sandy
(At Ward III NYC)

2 oz Willet’s Rye
1/2 oz Maker’s Mark Bourbon
1/2 oz Byrrh
Angostura-soaked sugar cube
In an Old Fashioned glass, place a sugar cube and soak with a couple of dashes of Angostura bitters. Build the remaining in a mixing glass with ice, and stir with a barspoon to chill. Strain into glass, garnish with an orange or lemon peel.” —Examiner


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