In the News: Blackout Photos

••• Curbed has photos of Lower Manhattan at night. They’re pretty spooky. The one above—which is just amazing—is by Max Touhey.

••• “Mr. Carmellini had been gearing up for his annual Trufflepalooza festival at Locanda Verde. ‘Now he’s got $15,000 or $16,000 worth of truffles going bad,’ said Ken Friedman, a partner in that restaurant […]. ‘We thought of doing a pop-up at the Breslin, but the chefs at the Breslin said nobody wants truffles.’ [WTF?!] Matt Abramcyk, an entrepreneur behind several bars and restaurants in Tribeca, including Super Linda, estimated that he had lost $40,000 in spoiled food.” —New York Times

••• “The woes of a certain segment of downtown Manhattan pale in comparison to those of many other victims of the storm (relocating guests from the Ritz-Carlton in Battery Park to the one near Central Park is no one’s idea of hardship), but they nonetheless provided a vivid New York City tableau all their own: Starchitect-designed towers cleared out. Tables at chic restaurants, unobtainable to mere mortals in normal times, sat empty in darkened rooms. Some downtowners even ventured north of 14th Street to stay with friends, families or acquaintances.” —New York Times

••• Manhattan User’s Guide suggests ways to help.

••• From local attorney (and TC contributor) Daniel Gershburg: “I’m already getting emails from business owners about shutting down because they’ve been unable to operate for days. I want to help out as much as I can. If there’s any way to let them know to call me if they have questions about this. I don’t care if it’s at night, on Sunday, etc. Doesn’t matter. If they have questions about anything from the landlords kicking them out to what happens with their credit cards, or vendor relationships, I’d be happy to do what I can to help. Whatever needs to be done.” He only has a cell phone right now so email and I’ll put you in touch.

••• “Volunteers, Staff, Work to Bring Supplies to Stranded IPN Tenants.” —Tribeca Trib


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