Anyone Have Power Yet?

From reader JF: “A Con Ed spokesman just said on 1010 WINS that they hope/expect to get power back to lower Manhattan sometime today (he couldn’t be more specific). For what it’s worth….” I’d say it’s worth a lot, especially compared to “by 11 p.m. Saturday.” If your power comes on, please say so in the comments—and state your location.

If you’re just curious about an area, please don’t comment here.

The goal is to help people who have evacuated, as well as business owners who haven’t been able to open without power.

UPDATE 11/2 7:20 p.m.: Con Ed’s City Hall network has power (east of Broadway from Canal to Frankfort). Also: 176 Broadway (near John).

UPDATE 7:48 p.m.: Southeast FiDi appears to be coming online. UPDATE 9:32 p.m.: From Luis Vasquez at the FiDi Fan Page on Facebook: ” The following buildings have full power: 15 John, 15 Park Row, 111 Fulton (The District), 71 Nassau, 80 Nassau, 60 Nassau, 55 Liberty, 90 William as well as the Holiday Inn on Nassau. all others still appear to be out, though 80 John has been told by ConEd that it will be up tonight. I suspect 59, 85 and 99 John will all shortly follow suit. the Stock Exchange, 1 Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and the Deutsche Bank building are all up on generator power. The Federal courthouse in Foley Square is brilliantly lit including its crown! UPDATE 10:44 p.m.: From Con Edison: “ConEdison’s aim is to restore Bowling Green network before 12am. Network boundaries: Broadway to South St. and Wall St to State St.” And: “ConEdison’s aim is to restore Fulton network btwn 12am and 8am. Network boundaries: Frankfort to Wall and South to William.”

UPDATE 11/3 7:38 a.m.: POWER IS BACK IN TRIBECA! Con Ed reminds everyone that soggy basements may force some buildings’ power to be delayed. Also, I just heard from a reader who said that her building doesn’t have heat or hot water because the building doesn’t have steam yet.

UPDATE 9:07 a.m.: “Email from mgmt that 99-101 Warren complex still without power due to large amounts of water damage in the building.”



  1. Is power restored to 71 Broadway? If not, do we have a prognosis?

  2. Power back at 89 Murray!!!!!!

  3. Thans for the update Lisa.

  4. Report from daughter on site at Truffles apts (Desbrosses & Washington) at 11:30am: lobby is trashed and no power.

  5. does anyone know if power is Back on Greenwich and Duane?? (the towers)

  6. Power on and all systems working at 10 Barclay. No damage, no flooding, not even in the parking garage. Woohoo! /happy dance/

  7. Really minor thing but does anyone else have dead Verizon land line service?

  8. Jonathan- our land line is dead too. Just goes right to the automated response.

    Is power on at 71 Broadway?

  9. Anyone know what the deal is with heat?? Is that a bldg thing or something the city is working on?(ie steam??) thanks! Live at IPN 80 n Moore

  10. Thank you Tribeca Citizen. We were out of town with no eyes or ears available there, and you were very helpful in keeping us informed. Thanks! Onward!

  11. How can Daniel squadron say coned has not provided steam south of 14th when equinox on Murray has heat and hot water?

  12. SH – You can have hot water and heat, it depends on the underlying system. Many units use electric water heaters, have their own boilers, etc.

  13. Power, hot water, etc. at Truffles apartments (on Desbrosses) back online as of this afternoon (Sun. 3pm).

  14. @Jonathan – we have one of two Verizon land lines dead.

  15. Any one have any idea as to what’s going on by the sugar factory and river lofts. I can’t seam to get a straight answer. Appearantly other buildings in that immediate area still have no power. This is laight and Washington st