In the News: Which Buildings Are Still Closed

••• Curbed‘s updated status report on Zone A buildings—including which ones are still a long way from being inhabitable—has info on Truffles, 1 West, 2 Gold (pictured), 88 Greenwich, 90 Washington, 200 Water, 217 Front, 103 Washington, 21 West, 42 Peck Slip, and more.

••• My neighbor Jordan Mallah wrote a thoughtful piece for Elephant. Here’s a snippet: “Hurricane Sandy hit me hard because it forced me to address the sharp and sad reality that we sometimes overlook—or cast aside—those who are less fortunate. Hurricane Sandy revealed the truth that we too often care about inconsequential things, instead of figuring out what truly matters and then taking action. Hurricane Sandy hit me hard because it brought me intimately, frighteningly and maddeningly face-to-face with the devastation that occurs when we fail to do our duty and moral obligation to the forgotten and overlooked, who are standing right in front of us—invisible to us.”

••• A “news source” (name removed at its request) says that either a Mexican restaurant or a luxury automotive showroom will be coming to the southwest corner of the Conrad building.

••• More on clean-up in the Seaport. —DNAinfo

••• Dree Hemingway, daughter of Mariel Hemingway and great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, lives in Tribeca. —Wall Street Journal

••• “Paula Wagner, a film agent turned producer best known for promoting and protecting Tom Cruise for 27 years, a partnership that spanned Risky Business and the first Mission Impossible films,” has a place in Tribeca. —New York Times


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