In the News: Bombed-Out Redbird Boiler

••• Curbed ran this photo of “a huge portable boiler, which is painted look like an old redbird 7 train subway car that’s been bombed out and tossed to the bottom of the ocean. It’s currently located on Dey Street right next to the Millenium.” Extra points for correctly [mis]spelling the hotel’s name. Photo by Tom Conlon of North Street Creative.

••• A New York Times article on how downtown restaurants could use business says Tribeca Grill will reopen today “if all goes well.”

••• Coincidentally…? “The Holland Tunnel reopened this morning for all commuter traffic.” —New York Post

••• ROC’s Halloween party has been moved to Monday, Nov. 12. —Downtown Express

••• New York Magazine’s Design Hunting profiles Scissor, a shop that’s on Varick above Canal (and therefore not in Tribeca!). “Scissor’s owner, freelance creative director Eric Zim, has decked the space with what he calls ‘special things geared for fathers and sons.'” (It looks more like cool stuff along the lines of A Future Perfect.)

••• Curbed continues to update its guide to Zone A Buildings. On 88 Greenwich: “it will be a month or longer, not weeks. It could be 1 to 4 months, but that is a guess as assessment is still in progress and we do not yet know the lead time on replacement of  multiple pieces of equipment that the experts will determine are needed.”

••• “The New York City Business Solutions center (an arm of the City’s Department of Small Business Services) is prepared to offer [Sandy-] affected firms emergency, interest-free loans of up to $25,000 for six months, with the balance carrying one percent interest after six months.” —Broadsheet


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