In the News: Trimble Place

••• Forgotten New York take a long look at a short street: Trimble Place: “New York Hospital outgrew its original location by the early 1870s and then moved uptown, but one of its carriage lanes was left over and became a mapped public street in 1874. It was named for George Trimble, director of New York Hospital at the time, and an officer of the Public School Society and local merchant.”

••• New Amsterdam Market reopens on Sunday (11 a.m. to 5 p.m.) with the Peck Slip Pickle Festival, which is now a fundraiser for the Seaport. —Broadsheet

••• Tribeca Trib‘s historian Oliver E. Allen on “Aaron Burr’s Old Tank.”

••• Curbed continues to revise its Zone A Building guide. Among the updates: 88 Greenwich is now saying “at least four months” before residents can come home.

••• “If you’re familiar with the menus of places like Energy Kitchen, Muscle Maker Grill and Dig Inn, then you probably know what lunch options you’ll find at Stamina Grill that just opened on Nassau.” —Downtown Lunch

••• Fashion designer Louise Goldin lives in Tribeca. —New York Times


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