In the News: Seaport Openings

••• Club Monaco shot its men’s 2013 lookbook in Tribeca—mostly on Church Street, interestingly. —GQ (via @benzumsteg)

••• “Life in parts of downtown Manhattan has resumed as if Hurricane Sandy had never happened, but along the cramped streets of the financial district, Battery Park City and other flooded precincts, progress has been painfully uneven: security guards watch over empty, dark, cold buildings whose basements have only recently been pumped, awaiting the return of residents whose lives are still in limbo.” —New York Times

••• The New York Times profiles the Balloon Saloon.

••• In the Seaport: Cowgirl Sea-Horse reopened, while The Salty Paw temporarily reopened in the nearby Seaport Animal Hospital. —DNAinfo

••• Curbed‘s updated guide to Zone A buildings.

••• A tour of the “much talked about” Top Chef Kitchen pop-up. —Bravo


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