In the News: Hudson Square Rezoning Deal

••• “Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer wrangled a deal with Trinity Church to reduce the size of new towers as part of a rezoning the rectors are undertaking in the formerly industrial neighborhood just north of the Holland Tunnel. This was among the concessions extracted by Mr. Stringer before giving the project his conditional approval, which he signed yesterday as part of the rezoning’s public review process. The buildings will be a bit wider, though, so as not to lose their density, but they can only rise to 290 feet, rather than 320 feet. Stocky towers instead of slender spires, basically.” —New York Observer (image courtesy Trinity Real Estate)

••• Zagat says Tribeca Canvas is opening tomorrow.

••• Joonbug says that Benares opened last Wednesday. This is probably the time to come clean: I’m not in Tribeca this week….

••• “The Battery Park City Authority is close to finalizing an agreement that would allow for the start of construction on the long-planned West Thames Street pedestrian bridge within about 12 months.” —Broadsheet

••• The Project for Public Spaces has a thorough article about Washington Market, the “food hub” that was once in Tribeca.


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