In the News: Ice Rink Opening Today

••• The Broadsheet says the Liberty View Ice Rink in Wagner Park is opening today—it didn’t appear open when I went down this morning, but it was raining and I couldn’t really ask because I had brought Howard, forgetting that dogs are not allowed in Wagner Park. (Hate that.) The rink isn’t huge, but it’s big enough. If the weather is nice, I bet it’ll be a lovely spot for a spin.

••• “Consider this blind item, buried in Page Six magazine’s feature on the ‘downstairs’ staff of New York’s wealthy. Which Tribeca starlet offered a New York City nanny with ten years’ experience a mere $60,000 a year to watch her 1-year-old 24 hours a day, five days a week, including sleeping with the baby? ‘I don’t think it’s even legal,’ said the nanny, who has since fled for the West Coast. She offered to take it for four days a week for $175,000, but the stingy celeb said $60,000 was her limit.” —The Cut

••• The New York Times looks at the history of Finn Square, including how/why the building above Pecan got cut in half.

••• Tribeca Trib went to the meeting of CB1’s FiDi Committee: “Bavaria Beirhaus at 19 South William St. is the latest establishment from Ronan Downs, co-owner of multiple nearby bars and restaurants, including the Dubliner, Stone Street Tavern, Beckets, Pizza Pizza and Burger Burger. A menu presented to the CB1 had such items as ‘Egg ala Russian’ (a $5.95 appetizer of hard boiled egg with Russian dressing and caviar), Wienerschnitzel and fries for $20.95 and a selection of sausages. The restaurant will open in February.”


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