A Ride Through the Past

Gardiner Comfort’s essay about the old manual elevators that used to be everywhere in Tribeca gave me license to ask artist Grimanesa Amorós whether I could shoot the elevator at 54 N. Moore—and it turns out there are two. This is the first one. The second-to-last photo shows how there’s an opening on the side, so when the car passes a window in the shaft, you can see outside; the last photo, of course, was taken through the ceiling, straight up the shaft. (I shot a great video of the car in motion, but my camera won’t release it. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get my camera to give the video up? It’s a Panasonic/Lumix, if that matters.) The horizontal photos benefit from enlarging.

Amorós, as you might already know, also created the fabulous “Terrarium” light installation in the building’s lobby.

elevator1 doorelevator1 cabinelevator1 cable

elevator1 makerelevator1 windowelevator1 shaft


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