Steven Alan’s New Store

158 franklinHaving heard about it from three different people—each of whom would have reason to know—I’m pleased to report the news/rumor that Steven Alan is opening a home/kids’ store at 158 Franklin. That’s where his offices used to be, before they moved over to upstairs at 177 Franklin, where Shinola is opening a store/showroom at street level. (Shinola is owned by the company, Bedrock Brands, that owns Steven Alan.)

BTW Ceramics bowl from Steven AlanPresumably, Alan couldn’t resist doing something with the vacated 158 Franklin space. He clearly has a thing for Franklin: His showroom is at 87 Franklin and of course the Steven Alan Annex store is at 103 Franklin.

“So there are rumors, are there…? ;),” replied the PR folks to my email asking when it’ll open. “We are opening something but we will not be announcing what the store is until closer to the opening date (TBD).” A follow-up email seemed to back away from that: “Unfortunately, we cannot release any details regarding the space at this time as nothing is confirmed as of yet.”

Personally, I’m hoping it’s 90% home—there’s already quite a bit available on (like the bowl above)—and 10% kids, but then I would.


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