Seen & Heard: Super Bowl Options

••• Now open: Siring, the new “Asian Grill” in the old Sushein space (on Broadway below Worth).

lucca space••• Is something happening at the old Lucca Antiques space at 182 Duane? The windows have been papered (that the “space for lease” sign is still there is meaningless). If you know anything, email me.

••• I’m not really a Super Bowl person—I took the opportunity to make dinner reservations at a restaurant that’s normally hard to get into (and that won’t be showing the game)—but the three restaurants that emailed me about their plans are AOA, Kutsher’s Tribeca, and Macao Trading Co. Kutsher’s is also offering catering.

••• From Bubby’s: “At Bubby’s, Black History Month is a celebration of African-American contributions to the American table. As with American music, it is hard to know where this contribution begins or ends; it is everywhere, sometimes obvious (as with barbecue), sometimes subtle or controversial (clam chowder, perhaps.) Black influences on American food and cooking are expressed through foods that were brought from Africa or cultivated in North America largely by African slaves and their descendants (sesame, okra), and cooking techniques that they added to the American repertoire (deep frying). It is also true that during the long decades of Jim Crow segregation, Black Americans largely defined the standards and expectations for restaurant food in the US. In addition to our regular menu items that represent these contributions specials this month will include chitterlings, bennecake pone, Hoppin’ John, fried catfish, greens and pot likker, chow chow, dark gumbo, fried okra and sweet potato pie.”


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