Seen & Heard: 137 Franklin Revealed

137 franklin 21413••• The sidewalk-shed at 137 Franklin is coming down—looks nice. (Maybe the subway entrance will reopen soon.) The ground floor is residential, not commercial, which still strikes me as strange.

radio shack••• The Radio Shack at Broadway and Reade has closed—it may have happened a while ago, but I only just noticed it. A sign in the window says the nearest one is at Fulton and Nassau.

••• @Karenp626 tweeted that sumos—a citrus fruit I rhapsodized about last year—are finally back at Whole Foods.

••• Had a good dinner at Angolo Soho the other day—it’s at the corner of W. Broadway and Grand, and the chef is formerly of Dell’Anima (the West Village restaurant I like but not enough to put up with the noise). While we’re I’m talking about Soho, I walked up to the Aero sale today—if you like objets and dishes and all that jazz, get there fast.

••• A reader says there’s a “for sale” sign on the Moomah space: It’s asking “$2.6m, double what it cost only 5 years ago!”

••• The Ethan Cohen Fine Arts website says the gallery, once of Jay Street, is reopening at 251 W. 19th St.; I can’t remember if we knew that. Anyway, there’s no “for rent” sign in the old window, and I think there used to be. Anyone know what’s up? All tips are anonymous. Email me at Now.


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