In the News: Street Pianos Are Coming Back

piano1 by Tribeca Citizen••• “The outdoor pianos last seen the summer before last will return this summer to various locations in New York City, thanks to a donation by Greek yogurt maker Chobani to Sing for Hope.” —Brooklyn Heights Blog (via Curbed)

••• “On Tuesday, [the two boats that Goldman Sachs hadn’t used yet] suddenly slipped into service as commuter ferries, carrying passengers, bank employees or not, between Lower Manhattan and Jersey City. The same passengers who paid $6 each way to ride a New York Waterway workhorse last week have traded up to smoother, quieter boats with plush seating, courtesy of the bank, Goldman Sachs. But the question of why it took Goldman so long to put its $5 million investment to use remained unanswered.” —New York Times

••• Ever wondered what it’s like working the coat check at Nobu? Deniz Kofteci spills all.

••• “A fashion label publicist was busted at JFK for allegedly swiping a $150,000 Salvatore Dali painting from an Upper East Side gallery last year, sources told The Post. Phivos Lampros Istavrioglou, 29, [of Moncler] was initially held on a bench warrant for allegedly separately swiping a steak from a Whole Foods in Tribeca last Jan. 9.” But the Wall Street Journal says it was a bottle of BluePrintJuice, not a steak.

••• The New York Times looks into downtown commercial real estate, post-Sandy: “Some landlords are spending even more money to fortify their high-rises against future storms and keep tenants from decamping for other business districts, running up repair and renovation bills of as much as $50 million a building. So far, few tenants appear to have left, and new ones are actually moving in.”

••• “Hot Clay Oven, aka, the Indian Chipotle, is back in business on Maiden Lane (btw. Gold & Pearl) after being shuttered by hurricane Sandy. The reopening was announced in an e-mail blast that also specifies they will only be open for a few hours each day this week—likely due to the same reasons as nearby places like Yushi which have reopened but are operating on generators.” —Downtown Lunch

••• 22 Renwick, now to be called Renwick Modern, will hit the market this spring. —Curbed

••• Manhattan Loft Guy on a sale at 18 Leonard: “up 6% since 2007 (meh!).”

••• Buzz Buzz Home tweeted a photo of the indoor/outdoor theater at 56 Leonard, among other renderings on its site. I don’t recall if they existed previously, and honestly, I don’t much care. Love this building! (All but the bathroom one will expand if you click on them.)



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