Seen & Heard: Flor de Sol Has Closed

••• Flor de Sol has closed, as expected. (I only realized it must have closed because the number of people searching “Flor de Sol” on this site skyrocketed.) Less expected: the “restaurant for sale” sign in the window. I wonder if the plan to hand the place over to the general manager fell through. UPDATE: A reader points out that Flor de Sol’s website (warning: music) says the restaurant is moving to the Meatpacking District, 100 Tenth Ave. (at W. 16th St.), to be precise.

••• I just had a salad from Café Clementine, and I was pleased to see that the container was something called the Bottle Box—made from plastic bottles, and totally recyclable. (Those thicker containers—the ones that usually have black bottoms—aren’t recyclable in New York City.) I’d love to see more takeout/delivery places embrace that option.

••• From the LMCCC: “This month, the Lower Manhattan communications network is now more than 90 percent restored thanks to extensive Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts by Verizon.”

••• A show called “The Pathos of Things” opens March 9 at Carriage Trade: “The Japanese term Mono no aware, or literally ‘the pathos of things,’ refers to a kind of empathy towards things that reveals a heightened awareness of their transience and, by extension, our own. The subject of this show then is our relationship to objects, in both their promise and frustration, and of the expectations that come of necessity when we enlist the everyday things around us to help clarify our uncertain connections to the material world.” It reminds me of an exquisite song by Momus, who translated Mono no aware as “The Sadness of Things.”

••• The Tribeca Film Festival will open with a screening a document about the band the National, which will also perform. I asked a rep if the concert would be open to the public, à la the Elton John one, and the answer was that it was unlikely.

••• 137 Franklin is progressing—it looks like the subway entrance (which I’m unnaturally obsessed with, seeing as how rarely I venture AboCa) might reopen soon.

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