New Kid on the Block: Haus Alkire

Haus Alkire back of dressHaus Alkire‘s new boutique at 45 White is a homecoming for founders Julie Haus and Jason Alkire. They lived in a ground-floor apartment in the building for three years, before moving to Broome (where they also had a shop), for three more years. They had always loved Tribeca—and White Street in particular—and the very day that they realized that they were going to have to leave Soho, Haus ran into the owner of 45 White on the subway, who told her that the current tenant, a pop-up shop, wasn’t renewing its lease. Kismet!

Haus Alkire (pronounced hoss al-ky-er; it’s been added to the Tribeca Pronuncation Guide) was founded in 2010, and has since won the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award for womenswear for 2012, and its recent fall collection was sponsored by Swarovski Elements. The brand is best known for its prints—the designers take paintings and photographs and digitally manipulate them before turning them into a fabric and, subsequently, an item of clothing—often with the print showing up in unexpected places, such as the lining. “Everything is purposeful,” says Haus, and everything is made in New York City; Haus Alkire also has an office in the Garment District.

The new space is small, but that was part of its charm. “We do a lot of private appointments,” says Alkire, which was harder in Soho, because the higher foot traffic meant attention had to be paid to everyone who walked in. Still, there’s room for accessories—hats and jewelery, made as collaborations with other designers, and handbags are coming in the future—and they also create items for the home, such as pillows, mostly made to order and typically with prints.

When you stop by, be sure to check out what has to be among the best dressing rooms in Tribeca–not just because of the infinity mirror effect, but because the glamorous lighting is dimmable on either side.

Haus Alkire is at 45 White (between Church and Broadway), 646-692-4326;

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