In the News: Cosmopolitan Hotel’s Addition Not Happening

••• The Cosmopolitan Hotel has decided not to tear down the old MaryAnn’s building—the addition that might have been is pictured at right—and instead the hotel is renovating the building into a home for the second Cafeteria restaurant. (It has always been my guess that this is primarily because the neighboring building started to keel over.) The restaurant won 2 a.m. nightly approval, as long as the W. Broadway entrance is closed at 11 p.m., forcing patrons to exit via “an entrance between the hotel and the restaurant.” Also: The restaurant said it “would pay to outfit any bedroom windows on the block with CitiQuiet windows—a double paned window that [restaurateur Mark] Amadie says blocks out 90 percent of the street noise.” —DNAinfo

••• Foto Architectura got a tour of the Woolworth Building. (via Curbed)

••• The Wall Street Journal‘s “Greater New York” section has, for some reason, a big, puffy article about fitness guru Tracy Anderson’s new studio in Brentwood, Calif.

••• “The city has announced the winner of a six-month competition seeking cheaper solutions for the city’s pricey maritime infrastructure, and that winner is 3D printing. A British company has figured out a way to print concrete casements for underwater pilings to protect them from additional erosion.” —Curbed, summarizing Crain’s


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