Seen & Heard: Seaport Shindig Report

Seaport1Seaport2••• I asked on Twitter if anyone was planning on checking out the Seaport’s SmorgasBar offshoot and shipping-container strip mall and Sunny W. said she went yesterday despite the rain: “Our family stopped by yesterday and while the weather wasn’t perfect it was still a great time.” And she sent photos!

••• Public Art Fund’s next City Hall Park art exhibit opens July 25: “Featuring 12 works by a multigenerational group of artists, ‘Lightness of Being’ includes new commissions and major works being shown publicly in New York for the first time that are at once lighthearted and enigmatic, incorporating an engaging sense of play and wry humor. The international group of artists includes Cristian Andersen, James Angus, Daniel Buren, Olaf Breuning, Alex Hubbard, Evan Holloway, Alicja Kwade, Sarah Lucas, Ugo Rondinone, David Shrigley, Gary Webb, and Franz West. […] Everyday objects shift in scale to become larger than life or lose their functionality altogether;”—shades of last year’s ketchup bottle…—”art historical references are transformed with a sense of wit and whimsy; and brightly colored objects and unusual forms bring a sense of levity to the exhibition.” Through Dec. 13.

••• The MetroPCS store on Chambers has closed.

••• From the LMCCC: “Full cobblestone restoration is taking place on N. Moore Street, on the west end of the block between Hudson and Greenwich. The city Department of Design and Construction began the curb-to-curb restoration on May 21st, with a full road closure through approximately mid-July 2013.”

••• The Butterfly has a website: And a Twitter account: @thebutterflynyc.

••• Nicole Vianna of Neighbors Against the NID—the group opposing the Hudson River Park tax—sent an update: “In the past week or so, there’s been some news on the HRP NID front. Catherine McVay Hughes let us know that CB1 has canceled the hearing on the Hudson River Park Neighborhood Improvement District tentatively scheduled for June 10 because Friends of Hudson River Park is not submitting their package to the Department of Small Business Services this month, as their rep had announced at the April CB1 Executive Committee meeting. A new date has not been set, but is now expected to occur in September. [And] There’s a new draft version of the District Plan available on the official HRP NID site, Neighbors Against the NID strongly encourages everyone to read it before making up their minds about the plan.”


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