In the News: Battery Park Gets Stuck with Statue of Liberty Security

••• Under pressure from the NYPD, the National Park Service backed down on its plan to move State of Liberty security screening from Battery Park to Liberty Island. Now we’ll all be safe. —Wall Street Journal (article doesn’t seem to be online)

502 canal 11613••• The Landmarks Preservation Commission approved the renovation plans for long-neglected 502 Canal; “an unnamed lessee […] is behind the work.—Tribeca Trib

••• “BPCA Pushes Ahead with Plans for $300 Million in New Debt.” —Broadsheet

••• “There is no way anyone could know from looking now at 23 and 25 Park Place (just east of  Church Street) that these unassuming  buildings once housed one of the most successful newspapers of our time, the New York Daily News.” —Tribeca Trib


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