Seen & Heard: Taj Tribeca Has Closed

••• Artsee on Goldman Alley has an irresistible photo exhibit by Seth Casteel. It’s called “Underwater Dogs.” (There’s a pug but it’s not online.) Brings back memories of RBC NYC….

Taj Tribeca••• A. sent in a photo indicating that Taj Tribeca has closed. A shame—let’s hope it’ll bounce back like Kori and Dylan Prime. UPDATE 6/7: @TajTribeca sent out a tweet this morning touting Friday’s specials, but the restaurant’s website has a graphic saying “We are closed for the business.” (And there’s no phone number?) I’m away—if anyone walks by, please let me know if it’s open.

••• On the night of June 14, Chambers between West and W. Broadway will be closed for 10 hours so we can achieve some small sense of closure it can be repaved. The DDC’s flyer.

••• Taymour Grahne, who is opening a gallery at 157 Hudson, has a nice—and I think new—website.

••• Blueberry Fusion Café (on Church, next to Birdbath) has revealed its intentions.

••• I received this email from Saad Kham at the new Citibank branch on W. Broadway: “Citibank TriBeCa branch is looking to display art work inside our branch on June 25th of 2013. Please call me on my direct line 212-849-6585 or email me at”


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