In the News: An East Side Battery Park City?

••• The Old New York Page on Facebook featured this 1894 photo of Broadway and Franklin.

••• Much-admired pastry chef Karen DeMasco has left Locanda Verde; her replacement is Nancy Tran. —The New York Times

Master lock••• “A deliveryman had his $800 electric bike swiped in Tribeca on Friday, after he was forced off his ride by three men in a pickup truck, police said.” Also in DNAinfo‘s police blotter: a guy had his wallet stolen out of his locked locker at Equinox. I’ll tell you again: This nearly happened to me (I walked into the locker room to see a guy holding my jeans), and the guy at the hardware store told me that pretty much anyone can break into those round Master locks, so get a better one.

••• Another great old building is doomed. “Billionaire real estate entrepreneur and former Florida Senate candidate Jeff Greene has set his sights on New York City, with plans to bring two Manhattan condominium projects to market in the next few years. [Greene] is planning a 140,000-square-foot condo project at 100 Vandam Street in the Hudson Square area. […] The smaller building has 42,496 square feet in unused air rights, while the latter has 23,550 square feet. The investment mogul will clear the site to make way for a roughly 75-unit building later this year, he said, once several leases at 100 Vandam expire.” —The Real Deal (via Curbed)

••• Hermes is coming to Brookfield Place. —New York Post

••• “Bloomberg proposed a ‘Seaport City,’ presumably a new neighborhood on landfill along the East Side of Manhattan from the Lower East Side to Battery Park, as a way of protecting the area from future hurricane storm surges. The proposal—which Bloomberg acknowledged was ‘controversial’ and would block current waterfront views—was just one idea of many the mayor offered Tuesday in a sweeping plan to address rising sea levels and climate change in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.” —DNAinfo

Seaport City


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