Loft Peeping: Michael Stipe & Thomas Dozol

ApartamentoI don’t normally Loft Peep apartments that are on the market, but celebrity homes get an exception, and R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe is obviously a celebrity, and not just because he refers to himself in the third person. (“It is, hands-down, the best terrace I have ever seen, in my 34 years of Michael in New York City.”) I say that with love! Huge fan!

Apartamento‘s issue #11 features Stipe’s and Thomas Dozol’s apartment at 533 Canal, currently on the market for $9,975,000. It’s just the latest time the place has been in the spotlight: The Selby stopped by in 2009, as did the Wall Street Journal in 2012.

Choice moments from the piece:
••• “The building is a former warehouse, built of solid concrete and with a strange, trapezoidal shape, as it forms the very end of Canal Street. I had bought it from Ben Affleck; he had bought it from Gus Van Sant.”
••• “I insisted on painting the entire outdoor terrace Yves Klein blue. It wasn’t until last summer that I realised that Yves was lifelong friends with fellow French artists Arman, who kept his studio in this building.”
••• Their dog, Filou, likes to “lick the water off your legs and feet when you get out of the shower.”
••• “This lobby is [a really bright] green because that’s the first colour I looked at when we needed to paint it. You can actually see it from the street, nine floors down.”
••• “The couch was bought by my Nana, Ruth Hatch, during the Great American Depression, for $7.”
••• Furniture includes terrific plywood pieces from ROLU and a yellow chair that’s “lit from inside and has poppies in it.”

The photographs by David Belisle; the photographs of the photographs are by me. Click to enlarge; and for the full photo essay, pick up a copy of the magazine.

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